Advantages of Investing in Heat Treated Bobcat Auger Teeth

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Advantages of Investing in Heat Treated Bobcat Auger Teeth
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Advantages of Investing in Heat Treated Bobcat Auger Teeth

Advantages of Investing in Heat Treated Bobcat Auger Teeth

When it comes to investing in Bobcat auger teeth, various factors such as the quality of the material used for the construction of the teeth among others. However, there are many several factors that should be taken into account, especially if you are drilling in the demanding conditions. Among the many factors that you need to consider is the heat treatment of auger teeth. Heat treatment is usually done on the steel parts of the teeth.

There are many benefits that come with heat treated bobcat auger teeth. The process of heat treating us meant to improve the quality of the teeth by making them harder for tough conditions.  Some of the key advantages that come with investing in such types of teeth include:

High Strength

One of the biggest benefits of heat treated teeth is their extremely high strength. The high heat they are exposed to help in hardening Bobcat auger teeth by streamlining the atomic structure of the steel molecules to produce an incredibly tough structure metal. Forged steel, as many usually refer to them, are known to extremely powerful in tough condition since they are a product of heat treatment.

Reduced Steel Wash

One of the major challenges with drilling cutter tools is the high rate of steel wash. This is usually seen with auger teeth used in drilling demanding conditions. Steel wash is the process by which the steel part of the teeth wears off very fast as a result of being exposed to extremely abrasive conditions. However, this is usually as a result, weak structure of steel material. But with heat treatment, the steel material is hardened, and you will rarely have a problem of steel wash.

High Wear Resistance

Another advantage that you will enjoy from heat treated Bobcat auger teeth is reduced wear resistance. That is due to the high strength that the steel material come with. Therefore, these are the kind of teeth that you can drill with even in the most abrasive conditions and still deliver constant output over an extended period of time. You will also spend less on repairs and maintenance.

Extended Lifespan

Longevity is another advantage that comes with heat treated Bobcat auger teeth. Due to their high strength features and high resistance to wear and abrasion, these types of teeth can last for long. Therefore, these are the kind of teeth that will serve you for an extended period of time.

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