Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth: Exclusive Features

Features of Pengo Auger Teeth 40/50
Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth: Exclusive Features
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 Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth: Exclusive Features

Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth: Exclusive Features

Pengo is a reputable company in the industrial machine and tool manufacturing circles. Over the years, we have seen a vast collection of Pengo auger teeth designed for various types of augers from the company. Among the latest releases is the Pengo Aggressor Auger and its teeth are just incredible. These are type teeth come with incredible features that are making this auger popular for industrial, construction and fencing applications. These are exclusive features of Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth:

Dual Angle

This is one of the premium features that most auger teeth do not offer all. It is a feature that improves the output of the machine by optimizing the drilling efficiency. Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth are 40/50 dual angle teeth, a feature that will give the operator a drilling experience they have never experienced before. The dual angle means you can drill at either the 40° or 50° angle without any problem. With these teeth, operators can enjoy flexible drilling like never before.

Forged Alloy Steel

One of the major shortcomings with most of the teeth on the market is the quality of their material used for its construction. Most of them are made from inferior quality materials. For these Pengo auger teeth and all their teeth are made from forged allow steel which gives them incredible properties such as high resistance to abrasiveness, excellent wear resistance and high strength. With such features, then you can only expect these teeth to last for long.

Carbide Tip

The quality of the material used for the manufacturing of the carbide tip is very crucial. One thing that stands out in these pengo auger teeth is the quality of the carbide teeth that has been used. Due to their versatility in use, the tip is made from the tungsten carbide. The material is popular in the manufactures of machine wear parts due to its incredible properties such as excellent wear resistance and high strength.


It is very rare to find auger teeth on the market that can be used for various types of soil condition. But that is what these Pengo auger teeth are providing. The can used on soft, abrasive and rocky soil. That simply means that you don’t need to keep changing auger teeth every time you switch from one condition to another.

These are some of the exclusive features of Pengo Aggressor Auger Teeth. It is also important to note that these types teeth are compatible with other types of auger brands.

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