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Augerteethreplacement.com manufacturing and supplies standard dirt auger teeth, rock auger teeth, auger bits, holders, pilot and other auger attachment for drill for clay soil auger excavator auger, backhoe auger,digger auger, stump auger, earth auger, rock auger and others drill augers.

Auger Teeth for Drilling Augers

Today powerful hydraulic drilling augers with bigger auger teeth are required to make strong foundations in rocky areas. These drilling machines are designed to drill not only consolidated rocks but also fractured rocks. These machines are highly versatile and harsh to drill a hole from top to bottom even if the ground condition is not so easy to handle.

The drilling augers manufactured by many companies contain sets of patented rock auger teeth with the best configuration to maximise their efficiency to cut hard rocks while drilling foundations. The auger attachments provided by this company also help operators to increase the rate of penetration of auger drill by 2-5 times than the rock drilling augers used traditionally for this purpose.

Importance of auger teeth for drilling auger

The users of drilling augers usually overlook the importance of auger bits and auger teeth. On the other hand these bits and teeth play an important role while drilling a hole in the earth as they are the first to contact with the ground during the process. it is the design and materials used in making these teeth and bits that allows them to chew in any surface easily. The potential of a drilling auger or any other digging tool depends upon the configuration and type of teeth mounted on it. The auger bits for dirt excavation should be flat in shape but they should have conical teeth to make it meaningful for the excavator. The auger teeth used on drilling auger should be tipped with a strip of carbide to enable it to stand even in toughest conditions longer than hardened teeth. So it makes their cost sensibly higher than others.

Types of auger tools used for drilling augers

Conical auger teeth for drilling rocks

Conical auger teeth used in excavating dirt are intelligently designed as they have to encounter with rocks. As compared to flat dirt bits conical teeth are mounted at a very downward angle as they have to bite into the rock like a drilling tool. so for this reason conical teeth are designed to break and tear the rock whereas flat bits are designed to dig and scrap the surface to spread the cutting area to control the hole digging precisely. Many times conical auger teeth are mounted on circular devices to allow them to rotate to grind the hard rocks easily. The tip is one of the most important parts of a drilling bit. The quality of a drilling job directly depends upon the configuration of the auger teeth of a drilling auger. Though most teeth can be used to perform in various conditions still you have to choose one according to the kind of your job to save time and efforts to do that job.

Auger flights

Auger flights are important for efficient operation of a drilling auger by providing a bit support for its teeth. The flight of an auger should be consistently spiral to enable it to perform as it used to along with removing the evacuated material without any obstruction. Though any digging action does not need auger flights but they can help in stopping the collapsing of the hole by compacting its sides. So for effective drilling the angle of the flights should provide downforce to improve the strength of the auger.

Foundation drilling augers

Most of the companies manufacturing auger bits for dirt and foundation drilling augers design their tools especially as per the requirements of their customers. They ensure high rate of production, short time for replacements and long life service by providing them high quality tools in their routine production. You can find cutter bits from 11mm to 30mm as per your requirement. Along with cutting bits you can also find welding bars, round shank bits, holders for stopping screw connections and wedges and quick change bars from these companies.

Trenching auger bits

They also offer wide range of trenching bits with diameter ranging from 10mm to 38/30mm to be used with the applications using chain trenchers and rock wheel. They guarantee higher rate of production, short time to change over and service for long time due to the cost effectiveness and high quality of its tools.

Hydraulic Milling Cutters

Along with replacement auger teeth and auger attachments many companies also manufacture complete tooling systems including holders to ensure the availability of all technical solutions at one stop. They manufacture bits with security system for round shank cutter with the diameter of shank ranging from 14mm to 38/30mm. These bits can ensure excellent reliability in daily production, high rate of production, shirt change-over times and long service life due to the best quality tungsten carbide used in them.

Road milling bits

These companies also produce road milling round shank bits to ensure low cost of operating rotary tools, high milling output, long service life, low wearing of operating machine and perfect formation of the cuts.

Surface mining tools

You will have to find perfect tools for any type of machine used for any type of extraction whether it is for mining minerals, cutting tunnels or cutting routes. Many companies provide all types of suitable tools required for any kind of machine used for extraction purposes discussed above.


Some of the companies also manufacture TungStuds that can be used for processing or excavating all types of materials. While excavating any material TungStuds are exposed to the extremely rough surfaces so its rock auger bits are made of the cores of tungsten carbide. The wear protected Tung Studs available in different sizes are welded on bolts with a core containing high quality tungsten carbide. These TungStuds can withstand in extreme conditions so they can reduces the maintenance cost of the machines used in excavation.

Tunnelbau: Various companies also provide an extensive tooling program as a solution for horizontal drilling activities to ensure high rate of production, short time for changeover, high output every day and long service life every time.

In this way, many companies offer complete range of products required for using drilling augers effectively. Their products include rock auger bit, auger teeth, auger teeth replacement, auger bits for dirt and auger attachment along with round shank cutter bits, scrapper blades for tunnel boring, weld-on teeth and holders.